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How is this legal?2018-12-13T00:58:30+00:00

It comes from European farms. Due to strict federal restrictions on hemp cultivation in the U.S., the CBD hemp oil used in our products must be imported into the country before we can process it, thus making it a federally legal product. We work with European farms with generations of cultivating experience. After testing and reviewing over 3,000 possible hemp cultivars, we chose the specific hemp plant that would thrive in our farms’ local climate and soil and produce the optimal harvest for our CBD hemp oil products.

Why buy your CBD vs the others out there?2018-12-13T00:58:53+00:00

First company to develop strict quality testing in the industry.  Triple lab testing from 3rd party labs. Product variety for the whole family. You can earn money from using and sharing the products with your family. Clean extraction methods. We care about healing our bodies but not at the cost of damaging the planet in the process. You’ll always have us to help answer your questions along your CBD journey!

How do I know if it is as high quality as it sounds?2018-12-13T00:59:10+00:00

We offer our 3rd party lab tests for the public to view. Our company is very open about our products and our practices, which is why we were the only cannabis company trusted enough to be approved as prescription medication in 11 countries for 13 indications.

Will I fail a drug test?2018-12-13T00:59:29+00:00

If you are using any of the full spectrum CBD products, it is possible that you could fail a drug test. Fortunately, we have 4 products that are completely THC free making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to avoid even trace levels of THC, like competitive athletes, military, government employees, and parents giving CBD to young children.

Safe for kids/breastfeeding/pregnant women?2018-12-13T01:00:23+00:00

What Research Says:

Unfortunately, the volume of data on the safety of cannabinoids for adults and kids is lacking and not likely to grow anytime soon because of restrictive laws that make conducting clinical trials difficult. While more research still needs to be done, findings so far do indicate that one cannabinoid — cannabidiol (CBD) – is safe for children.

Oxford University’s Dr. Leslie Iversen, who has studied the safety profile of different substances, believes that cannabinoids are even safer than aspirin and can be used long-term without serious side effects.

One 2012 clinical trial, in which volunteers were given cannabinoids, concluded, “CBD has proven to be safe and well tolerated.”

An open-label study investigating CBD-based medications provided evidence of an adequate safety profile, including certain drug interactions, in children.

In March 2017, renowned Mexican physician Dr. Saul Garza Morales found CBD hemp oil to effectively reduce seizures in children with severe pediatric epilepsy while causing zero adverse side effects.

What types of products do you offer?2018-12-13T01:00:46+00:00
  • Full Spectrum, Pure Gold, Pure CBD, Dante’s Pure CBD (for animals) and Humulus oil CBD liquids. Each 1000mg and fractioned with MCT oil.
  • Full spectrum + Pure CBD capsules.
  • Raw Full Spectrum CBD rich hemp oil extract Applicators. These are the most potent and pure source of cannabinoids since there has been nothing added or taken away from them.
  • Option 1: 1500mg
  • Option 2: 3600mg
  • Skin care + Topical Salve
  • Pure CBD vape cartridges. No funky chemicals or flavors.
  • Food Products: Power Protein + Supergreens
  • BiBong Herbal infusions:
  • Revive AM
  • Revive PM
  • Revive PRO
  • 5 Day travel packs:
  • W/ pure gold Cbd liquid
  • Or Pure CBD liquid (No traces of THC)